What I can offer you

I adopt an holistic approach, focusing not only on the specific area where your problem appears to be presenting, but also on related issues that may be causing the problem. Many physical issues can arise from other parts of the body, but may also be linked to social or occupational factors in your life. In addition to this, other problems may be causing you stress or anxiety, and these can manifest in a physical way.

I always offer a personalised, non-prescriptive service that is tailor-made for YOUR specific problems. We are all different and have different needs. Rest assured, I will always listen to your problems non-judgementally and with empathy, and act accordingly. I also do not adopt an attitude where I think I always know best. You know yourself better than I do. Nevertheless, I will make suggestions and recommend particular types of self-treatment (e.g. specific exercises). If you do not follow this advice, then you may not be maximising the benefits of the treatment. Please remember that physiotherapy is not a passive treatment, but instead requires a proactive approach to getting better. Passive modalities, such as joint manipulation or massage, are rarely the sole solution to a problem, but rather act to facilitate active treatments (ie. those that require the active participation of the patient).

My experience, especially in the field of chronic pain and rheumatological conditions, has helped me to be able to think “outside the box”, and as such I may suggest some novel solutions to your physical complaints, so do not be alarmed if I recommend doing something that initially seems strange to you. I will always explain why I am suggesting something, but never be afraid to ask me questions!

What to expect

I will visit you in the comfort of your own home. The initial assessment will last roughly one hour, but may be more or less than this depending on your personal needs. After gaining consent from you for the assessment, you will be asked a series of questions relating to the problem(s) that you wish to be dealt with, medical history, and some concerning your day-to-day life (eg. hobbies, leisure pursuits, work). Immediately following this, I conduct a physical and functional assessment. It is advisable to wear shorts for this part of the assessment, and a sports bra or vest for the ladies. The reason for this is so I can see the relevant parts of your body while preserving your modesty. Please be aware that problems in the extremities may be associated with parts of the body closer to your torso, e.g. a foot problem may be caused by or referred from the hip or lower back. The reverse can be true as well.

If you have a problem that falls outside of my scope of practice, or warrants further investigation by another professional, I may suggest onward referral to the most appopriate professional to deal with this. I will, of course, only do this with your explicit consent. Doing so is to ensure that you receive the best possible treatment for your problem. Most of the time it is to clarify something (e.g. the exact type of surgery you have had if you are post-op), or sometimes because other professionals can deal with your problem better (e.g. a podiatrist to provide custom insoles for your shoes, or a more specialist physio for conditions I have less experience in dealing with).

Please note - I only administer treatment of any kind with your consent. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions at any point – I will always do my best to answer them.

Follow-up sessions usually last half an hour, but again this will vary according to your needs. Rest assured, I only charge a standard rate, even if the session goes well over the allotted time!

Please also note that I currently only treat adults (over 18s).